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There is no official data available of migrant workers in India, estimated workers are 100 crore who are directly contributing for 10% of the India’s GDP. However, social protection and financial inclusion is still a dream for migrant and unorganised blue-collar workers in India. They live in riskier environments and lack credit history, assets collateral, formal wage job, access to health care and legal support. There are adequate evidences available that formal finance has not been able to infuse adequately across these segments of populations. Likewise, there are ample evidences in Indian health literature indicating migrant workers have limited access to health care during their migration period, they have minimal or no health insurance, and hence out of pocket expenses on health are very high.

Our Vision

To reduce the vulnerabilities of migrant labour workforce and make them a precious part of the India’s growth story by providing one stop solution of service delivery addressing their unique needs

ShramGaurav reach out to blue and grey collar workers of two categories working in different sectors

Internal workers within India

Domestic , construction, garment, gig, fishery sector workers, who migrate for employment within India, such as state to state or within their own state

Indian workers going abroad for jobs

India’s workers going in other countries such as but not limited to in Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) countries – mainly Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

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What ShramGaurav intend to do?

Our Services

Taking into account pressing needs of this most vulnerable sub group of population, major services offered by ShramGaurav

Business Approach

Business to Customer Approach

Our priority is always to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction and to deliver products/services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

24/7 Customer Support

ShramGaurav plans to provide migrants with unique solutions for their increased inclusion in the development story of India. This initiative of digital MSC is based on our partner- Disha Foundation’s 20 years’ work experience through physical or on ground Migration Support Centers.

Financial literacy and inclusion

We provide financial literacy trainings, and customised financial management solutions to our customers to promote financial inclusion

Mobile App ‘ShramGaurav’ and Telephonic Helpline: Digital Eco-system for workers

ShramGaurav has created a digital ecosystem to provide the services digitally and through a helpline. ShramGaurav has created an Android mobile app called “ShramGaurav” (meaning Dignity of Labour) and has designated one of its staff as “Shramik Mitra” (meaning Labourer’s Friend) to handle phone calls incoming through the mobile app to create a digital ecosystem or digital Migration support centers to provide continuous support to migrants.

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Business to business (B2B) approach

We will reach our target audience through their recruiting agencies, employers, training agencies and other services providers. AG will compile data of workers available in these agencies

Best In Migrant Labour Workforce Industry

Migrant workers contribute to growth and development in their countries of destination, while countries of origin greatly benefit from their remittances and the skills acquired during their migration experience.

99% Success Rate

ShramGaurav is dedicated to providing exceptional services to its beneficiaries, with a proven success rate of 99%. We are committed to empowering our communities, and our success rate is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and partners.

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